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Odessa is a one-of-a-kind Ukrainian city known as “The Pearl of the Black Sea.” It has a fascinating history and customs. Odessa is a city of calm, smiles, and summer. There is no urgency here, and real Odessans understand the value of leisure and pleasure. The city has an old soul, with traditions of legendary wars from the past.

The city of Odessa also known and written as Odesa is the governmental center of the region of Odessa (province) situated in the south of Ukraine. Odessa is the biggest seaport situated on the northwest of the Black Sea and the fourth city of Ukraine. It has a population of 1,080,000 inhabitants.

Some famous Odessa Girls are the international actress Natasha Yarovenko, the also actress Natasha Blasick (death of evil film), and the actress/model Yeva-Genevieve. Other famous sports ladies are Oksana Serhiyivna Baiul (professional figure skater, 1993 World Champion, and 1994 Olympic Champion) and Ekaterina Borisovna the Russian ice dancer.

Some characteristics of the city to know:

  • The city was founded in 1794 by an order of Catherine the Great as the most important seaport of the southern Russian Empire region. The first human constructions in this area, are known from the Stone Age to 30000 B. C. and supposed as a Greek colony.
  • Odessa’s economy is supported primarily by the trade of goods and industrial production. The different industries’ activities are food processing, ship factories, oil refining, and chemicals.
  • Odessa city is the naval base of the Ukrainian Navy and also a have a fish port.
  • Also, tourism is an important activity as a consequence of their fantastic landscapes.
  • The most interesting places in Odessa to visit with your Ukrainian girl, are Greek Square, the Orthodox Church (Savior Transfiguration Cathedral), Deribassovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard, and the literature Museum.
  • The most interesting theatres are the Opera Ballet Theater, Russian Drama Theatre, the State Circus, the Philharmonic, the Musical Drama Theatre of Ukraine, the State Theatre of Spectator, the Regional Theatre Puppet, the Musical Comedy Theatre, the “Clown House” Theatre and the Municipal Theatre of Spiritual Music.
  • Also have some interesting museums like the Archaeological museum, local history museum, the Eastern and Western art museum, the art museum, and many more.
  • The Odessa winters are short with an average temperature of freezing point with temperatures above – 10 C. The summers in Odessa are long and warm/hot with an average temperature of 25 C.


Women in Odessa are happy to be from this city, and they have a lot to be proud of.

It is no secret that Odessa is home to the world’s most gorgeous ladies. This is attributable to a variety of variables, including the warm southern sun, a historically diverse population, and, of course, the capacity of Odessa women to exhibit themselves.


Some features of Odessa Girls

Odessa girls have fantastic personalities. Do you know that Odessa is known as the “Capital of World Humour”? That is why the women of this city never give up, are seldom depressed, are full of optimism, and are ready to tackle any situation that arises. They adore their hometown of Odessa and believe it to be the finest city in the world.

The women of Odessa have a distinct blend of feminism and freedom, elegance and style, attractiveness and glamour. And, although some Odessa girls, like many women in foreign countries, have a career, they also recognize that women and men have quite distinct responsibilities in the household. Ukrainians, unlike foreign feminists, do not object to the job of a homemaker. When it comes to raising children, most people will not make excuses that it will damage their professions. Being an Ukrainian wife and mother is seen as an honor in our nation.

The Odessa Girls is elegant. This is her cut, style, and attitude. And a unique mindset. Odessa ladies are elegant. Attracts attention. She’s well-liked. She’s remembered. Elegant Odessa women are always exceptional. A person with a developed sense of style will be fascinated by her instantly distinguishable, harmonious appearance. Elegance is magnetic. An exquisite Odessa woman sees this as a sign that her style and persistence haven’t failed her and that her image is still lovely and harmonious.



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