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Rivne often spelled Rovno, is an ancient settlement in western Ukraine next to the Ustye River. It serves as the administrative hub for both the district of Rivne Raion and the region of Rivne. Actually, there are 249900 people living in the city.

The three most notable women to have been born in this city are Anna Walentynowicz, a senator, and journalists Sophie Irene Loeb (labor union member).

Some features to talk about Rivne city:

  • The city was allegedly established in 1283 as a part of Lithuania. From the year 1569 until 1793, when it became a member of the Russian Empire, this city was also a part of the Republic of Two Nations.
  • The city is home to several different industries. It processes meat, vegetables, chemicals, and metallurgy. Electric Tech is the city’s industrial focus, which is backed by atomic energy production.
  • The Church of the Assumption (in wood), the Cathedrals of the Intercession and of the Ascension, and the Classic (Epoque) style gymnasium are the most significant sites in this city to see with your Rivne lady. A zoo and a number of movie theaters are also located in this city (some of them 3D).The Ostrovskii Oblast about Music & Drama and the Theatre of Puppets are the most fascinating theaters.
  • The city features three museums: the Museum of Ukrainian Art, the Museum-Reserve, and the N. I. Kuznetsov Museum (about a secret agent and Hero of the URSS).
  • The city is home to medical, hydraulic engineering, and cultural educational institutions. There are more than 27 higher education institutes in the city. The State Technical University, the State University for Humanitarian Studies, the National University “Ostrog Academy,” and the Ukrainian State University of Water Use and Equipment are the most significant among them. To meet the demands of such industrial enterprises for scientific personnel, the city’s higher education institutions attract the top scientific students.
  • July and August are not very hot, while December and January are not particularly chilly.


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 Name: Daria
Job: Salesperson
Birthday: Born on November 10, 1992
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 6″(168 cm), weight 108 lbs (49 Kg).
About Her: Her black hair and Brown eyes make her a mysterious and enigmatic woman that always wants to surprise people, and you can experience new sensations. She likes to participate in parades, photo sessions, and fashion shows with important designers; she knows that her white skin and legs are her weapons of seduction. She is a loyal, passionate, resourceful, observer, and dynamic girl that you can conquer her being sincere, friendly, loving, and comprehensive.
Daria can be a great wife but also your best friend with who you can trust your secrets. The women of Scorpio are demanding, demonstrative and emotional. They are elegant and intriguing, in a few words, they are fascinating women.


Name: Inna
Job: Psychologist
Birthday: Born on October 26, 1983
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 5″(165 cm), weight 110 lbs (50 Kg).
About Her: She is a passionate, tender and sexy woman that likes to travel, and enjoy romantic outings, and nights with candles and lights. She is a good cook, who can prepare your favorite foods to share together, or with family and friends. As a woman of Scorpio, she can be very intensive, with great secretiveness and mystery. The persons that Scorpio Girls respect and hold are those that treat them with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. Her ideal man is strong, reliable and passionate, who must make her feel comfortable and protected. She likes people, who are not afraid to ditch and try another plan.



Oksana, 34yrs.    Elena, 24 yrs.       Marina, 21 yrs.      Polina, 22 yrs.   Nataliya, 36 yrs.


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