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Kiev is a bustling metropolis in northern Ukraine, an important part of Eastern Europe. It stretches the whole length of the Dnieper River, which borders the Black Sea. It is also the country’s capital and embodies the spirit of Ukraine’s ever-expanding economy. It is a vibrant and opulent location. The architecture and infrastructure throughout the city are impressive and exuberant, especially for the large number of tourists who come specifically to explore the magnificence this place has to offer.

The name Kiev or Kyiv has been derived from a legend related to the founders of the capital city. King Kie was the eldest brother of the sibling founders. It is now a civilization well over 1500 years old with a population of about 4 million. Kiev is also home to a number of local and world-renowned famous figures from all walks of life and a wide variety of career fields, such as academics, artists, musicians and singers, astronauts, politicians, etc. Doctors such as Vladimir Filatov and Tadeusz Krwawicz, Historians: Volodymyr Antonovych, Mykhailo Drahomaniv and Viktor Suvorov. As well as Philosophers: Mikhail Lifshitz, Lev Shestov, and so on. Some very famous celebrities have also been born in Kiev, such as Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis, and Jack Palance.

Just like the rest of Ukraine, Eastern Orthodox represents the largest religious group in Kiev. This is followed by Greek Catholicism, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism as well as other minority religious groups including Islam and Paganism. Tribes of Bastarnae and Scirii have highly influenced the culture and design of the capital city. The people are generally composed of a mixed culture of descendants from Eastern Europe, e.g. cultures of Milograd, Chernoles, Prague-Korchak, Kolochin, Penkovka, and a few more.

A significant number of tourists visit the country each year for a variety of reasons, including to sample the local cuisine, explore the historical sites and monuments e.g. Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Khreshchatyk, Chornobyl Museum, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Motherland Statue and War memorials, One Street Museum, Mariyinsky Palace, etc., and get a feel for life in this part of Eastern Europe. Despite this, it serves customers from all around the globe. No of their budget, food-snob travelers may choose from a broad variety of options. Fast food businesses such as Mister Snack, Potato House, Puzata Khata, etc. serve pizza, sandwiches, and snacks at reasonable prices. There are also restaurants with a moderate price point, such as ResTop, Karavan, Lola Pizza, Corsair, etc., as well as restaurants with a high price point, such as Concord, Mimino, Two Hares, and Buddha Bar Kiev.

For those who prefer a fun night out in the town, clubbing is a great way to take all the tension off and let their hair loose. Recommended clubs are Forsage, Shooters, Xlib-Club, Art Club 44, and Sorry Babushka. There are plenty of affordable accommodations available ranging from youth hostels to small hotels: Chillout Hostel, Kiev Center hostel, Art Lounge Hostel, TIU Kreschatik, etc. For those who are looking for a place with a more hotel-like ambiance but still within a specific budget: Hotel Lybid, Hotel Saturn, Diplomat Hotel, City Park Hotel, Hotel Tourist, etc. There are tourists who require top-notch accommodation, and hotels such as the Hyatt Regency Kiev, The Opera Hotel, The Premier Palace Hotel, and InterContinental Kiev are all great selections.


Some tips to talk about Kyiv city with your Ukrainian girl:

  • Is the most important City in the country and one of the most important cities in Eastern Europe.
  • Is also one of the oldest cities in this area of Europe, because was founded in 482 (approximately, because there is not an official year). May of 1982 was selected to commemorate the 1,500th birthday of the city.
  • Today the city has many important industries (food processors, metallurgy, chemicals, and textiles), High Schools, and Universities, like the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the University of Kiev.
  • The hottest months are from June to August, with temperatures between 13.8 and 24.8 C (57 to 77F). The coldest months are between December and February, with temperatures between -4.6 and -1.1 C (24 to 30 F).
  • Is a city with lots of Museums (for example the most important are the ARTEast Art Gallery, the Kiev Art Gallery, the Kiev Museum of Wax Figures and the National Art Museum of Ukraine) and also with good theatres, like the Kiev National Opera & Ballet.
  • The most important place to visit is the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (a Monastery included by the UNESCO worldwide list of monuments). Also is a city with other interesting places to visit with your dates like the Golden Gate, the Vydubychi Monastery, the Monastery of the Caves in Kyiv, the Monastery of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed, the Church or Cathedral of San Andres, and the Palace Mariyinsky.


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Name: Anastasia
Job: Ecologist
Birthday: Born on February 18, 1993
Eyes Color: Gray
Body: Weight 47 Kg (103 Lib) and height is 1.65 cm (5″5′).
About Her: With her, you can go and visit different places, surrounded by animals, bonfires and landscapes but also enjoy a warm dinner in the privacy in the light of candles. Aquarius women cannot live tied they are always free as a bird. How to conquer her: Communication is the key. You must motivate their minds and engage them in a sociable mode because Aquarius girls need to have communication compatibility more than other people.
Have diversity in your dates, think about exciting things to carry out like a tour to the mountains, but if you have no ideas, ask her to create plans and not be astonished if she changes the plan before it starts.


Name: Juliya
Job: Writer
Birthday: Born on June 27, 1983
Eyes Color: Gray
Body: Weight 55 Kg (121 Lib) and height is 1.78 cm (5″10′).
About Her: For this beautiful Russian girl, education and learning are fundamental. With her, you will find a clever lady and a mother who can educate their children with important principles. She is an intellectual brunette, who likes to read books and see documentaries about science, and history and she likes to organize meetings with friends to share different topics and exchange different points of views. She takes care of her body making the gym every morning, and hydrating drinking lots of water, so her skin is white, soft and smooth as you can be seen in her photo. As a Cancer woman, she is very sensual with deep emotions and passions. To reach her heart and soul you will require time, patience, and gentleness. She is sexy, sweet, and flirty. She looks for a mature, reliable, friendly and affectionate man. You can conquer her by showing your interest with small and nice gifts.


Juliya, 22 yrs        Irina, 20 yrs          Juliya, 22 yrs     Daria, 22 yrs         Viktoria, 22 yrs


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