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Dnipropetrovsk or Dnepropetrovsk is the third largest city in Ukraine with 1,040,000 residents (with a Metropolitan area of 1:860,000 inhabitants).

The city is located in the south-central area of Ukraine, southeast of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and close to the Dnieper River (a very interesting natural attraction to visit). Dnipropetrovsk is the administrative capital of its namesake region.


Some talking points about Dnipropetrovsk to talk with a girl:

  • Is the most important industrial area of Ukraine, producing agricultural machinery, buses, chemicals and others. This happens because it was in the past, one of the most important industrial city of space vehicles and arms for the USSR countries.
  • It was the most important military center of the ex-soviet union since the end of the second world war.
  • It is especially known as the industrial center of Ukraine’s space industry.
  • The people in the city used to move, the only one subway line, normal buses and electric trolley buses.
  • The climate of the city is warm in summer (between +24 and +27 C (75 and 81 F)), and very cold in winter (between −3 and +4 C (+27 and +39F)).
  • Is a city with many interesting museums and theaters to visit with the Russian bride that you want to date, like the History Museum, the Aerospace Museum, the Opera, the Gorky Drama Theatre and the Ballet Theater. The museum of the history of D. Yavornitsk and the museum of fine arts are the most important museums in the city.
  • The architectural style of the streets and squares in the heart of the city still preserved the footprints of the Russian classicism of the XVIII and. XIX centuries. The historical heart of the city is October Square. In the middle of this square, delimited by a garden, is the extraordinary Cathedral of Preobrazhenskiy, founded in the year 1787.
  • The city was probably founded in 1635 as the first fort in the area.
  • The main street of the city is Karl Marx Avenue which is a wide boulevard that stretches from east to west across the center of the city. It was designed as the main street in the seventeenth century. Many of the central streets of the city at the time of the Soviet Union were renamed in honor of famous revolutionary and Soviet leaders.


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Name: Anna
Job: Ballet Dancer
Birthday: September 25, 1989
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Her weight is 49 kg and her height is 1. 70 cm
About Her: She is very special, for example, she cares for the neediest people, and she owns a foundation for charity to help and improve the lives of people. This is very important because shows her great virtue of solidarity without expecting anything in return. She can be a sweet wife, affectionate and angelic. You can talk with her about beautiful works of ballet, theatre, and film. Anna expected to know a smart man, also romantic, gentlemanly and sincere. You must know this Princess and be her Blue Prince!


Name: Viktoria
Job: Engineer
Birthday: February 20, 1982
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Height 5′ 5″ (165 cm) and Weight 105 lb (48kg)
About Her: This Russian girl is defined as an intelligent person, cheerful, sociable and adventurous; with her, you can go camping or have dinner in a beautiful restaurant. This is very good because she is able to adapt to different situations. She is not a possessive woman she will never make you a scene of jealousy, because she feels very sure of herself. To conquer her heart you have to be loyal, honest, respectful, and communicative. In a conversation with her, you have to be sweet, use heartfelt words and be able to tell her everything that you like, and that you are interested in. You will find a woman willing to listen, with her you will easily get lost in a good conversation.



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