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In Ukraine, the city of Poltava is located in the country’s central region, not far from the Vorskla River. In addition to being the administrative hub of Poltavskyi Raion, it serves as the administrative center of the Poltava area as a whole. In point of fact, the city is home to 308,509 people and serves as a significant hub for many modes of transportation (railway, highway, and airport).

Several well-known Ukrainian women, including Zhanna Prokhorenko (the actress), Svetlana Kopchikova (the swimmer), and Maria Tarnowska’s favorite femme, were all born in this city.

Some characteristics of this city that are interesting to talk about:

  • The city was founded approximately in 1174 by the Slavic population (known as Ltava). The city highlight is the victory of Peter I over the Swedish army of Karl XII in the year 1709. That battle is known as the Battle of Poltava and is one of the most important and famous battles of the past in Ukraine.
  • Poltava is well known as a cultural city with great monuments, nice churches, interesting museums (like the History Museum and the Ivan Kotlyarevsky Museum), good theaters (like the Gogol Theater), and cinemas.
  • The most interesting places to visit with a Ukrainian girl, are the Holy Cross Monastery, the Ivanov Mountain, the Literary Memorial Museum and the local lore Museum, the Spaska Church, the main street named Zhovtneva the column Gloria and October Park.
  • The city has few but very good universities like the Pedagogical State University, the National Technical University, the Agrarian State Academy and the Ukrainian Medical Academy, the University of Economy and Trade, the Military Institute of Connections, and the Faculty Of National Juridical Academy Of Ukraine.
  • Some of the most important industries of this city are Food and agricultural processing, machine building, Mining, and Oil and gas extraction. Poltava Region represents the agriculture industrial hub of Ukraine that in the whole industry of the country represents about 70% of GDP. The agriculture of Poltava represents less than 20% of GDP.
  • The city has immense popularity with the tourist’s visitors, merit because a very good developed tourist industry and their exciting history.
  • The climate in the city of Poltava has temperatures of -6.1C in Winter (December to January) and 26C in Summer (July to August).


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Name: Elena
Job: Student
Birthday: Born on July 20, 1990
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 5″(165 cm), weight 110 lbs (50 Kg).
About Her: She admires people interested in culture and value knowledge. To talk with her, you must be a man who can teach and you can be the best teacher for this nice girl. She likes computers because with them she can meet different people, and also listen to music, you can conquer her by writing, chatting, and choosing a nice song. Her mascot is a small kitten that she cares and feeds with love.
If you write a letter to her, you can ask what is its name, how old is and what color. Her ideal man is a friendly, safe, romantic person and should like sports.


Name: Alla
Job: Manicure
Birthday: Born on 8 April 1986
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 5″(164 cm), weight 110 lbs (50 Kg).
About Her: With her family travels every year to Turkey, if you contact her you can ask about this trip, about her family and ask her to show some pictures of this beautiful country. She likes to go to the beach and swim in the sea. Together could spend hours walking on the beach and sitting to watch the sunset. She takes care of her body daily and cares about beauty at all times. She works as an expert in manicures, so her hands are always soft, and delicate. She is a reliable person, who knows to keep secrets, and she can also be your confidante. She wants to marry a good and independent man who must not play with her feelings and wants to raise a family.


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